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7 Foods That Contain Vitamin E for Skin Health

Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, its role is often associated with skin health. But the benefits of vitamin E not only that, vitamin E plays a role in the cellular processes that occur in our bodies. Therefore, make sure you eat lots of foods containing vitamin E like in the list below:

7 Foods That Contain Vitamin E for Skin Health

kiwi fruit
Sweet fruit with green color this is a source of vitamins and minerals that are good. The fruit has kandunan vitamin C and vitamin E are quite high. In the flesh of the fruit is also a good potassium and fiber for digestive health.

Sunflower seeds
Sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds, better known as sejaun is only consumed as a snack only. But it seems now you have to start considering pumpkin seeds as a snack is not only because there are sunflower seeds rich in essential vitamins and minerals needed by the body. Half cup serving of watermelon seeds is recommended for you to meet the needs of vitamin E in a day.


Fruits are included in these vegetables have nutrients that are quite impressive. Not only rich in fiber and licopene, tomatoes also be a good source of vitamins because they contain several vitamins such as A, C, K, and E.

Besides tomatoes, mangoes can also be a good source of vitamin B as in the medium-sized mango contains at least 2.5 mg of vitamin E.

Almonds can also be a healthy snack option to increase vitamin E intake for the body.

Nuts and seeds are known to have many levels of vitamin E. Hazelnat included into one type of nut that is high enough levels of vitamin E her. One ounce hazelnut samiai vitamin E can sustain 21% of the recommended vitamin E requirement.

Share and ayang want to have beautiful skin and naturally, start to like an avocado. The fruit is highly recommended for those of you who want to maintain healthy skin, it is because this fruit contains a lot of vitamin E and a variety of nutrients that are good for protecting the skin from free radical damage.


9 Foods That Contain Vitamin A Height for Eye Health

Vitamin A belongs to the type of antioxidant vitamins that is closely related to eye health. Eating foods that contain high vitamin A can keep you from the risk of blindness, cataracts, or blindness. Vitamin A is calculated in units of IU (international units) where an adult needs about 5000 UI of vitamin A each day. Then, from what foods we can get vitamin A? Here's the list:

Of course carrots. This vegetable is most famous for maintaining eye health. One medium-sized carrots can supply sampaii 200% of vitamin A for adults Oeang.

sweet potato
content contained in sweet potato was more surprising. In a medium-sized sweet potatoes, 438% contained at least vitamn A daily requirement.

Fish oil Cod
In addition contains a lot of vitamin D, cod liver oil is also a source of vitamin A is favored. In one tablespoon of cod liver oil, vitamin A contained 14000UI amount more than enough to make your eyes remain in a healthy state.

turkey liver
For those of you who do not really like vegetables, try eating turkey liver to vitamin A. memerolah because in 100g turkey liver, vitamin A found in a number of fantastic (n5333 UI) is equivalent to 150N% of our daily vitamin A requirement.

For fruits, you can try the mango as a source of vitamin A.

Fruits are included in this vegetable is known to have a low calorie and contains vitamin A which is abundant. From now on, knsumsilah more tomatoes vision for the health of your organs.

Selanutnya vegetables that can be used to supply vitamin A to the body is Spinach. Half of the daily vitamin A requirement can be met by eating a bowl of spinach.

Papaya fruit contains several kinds of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. One of the vitamins that are in the flesh of papaya fruit is vitamin A. Papaya is also very good for your digestion.

red peppers
The next food sources rich in vitamin A are red peppers. Adding a few pieces of peppers in your diet can be a good way to keep your daily vitamin A intake.